CDM ASDA’s “On the Cusp” Receives Journalism Award


CDM’s American Student Dental Association (ASDA) received the American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists (AADEJ) Meskin Journalism Award 2016 at the AADEJ Conference that took place in Denver, Colorado on October 18 and 19.  DMD 2018 student and Editor-in-Chief, Kelly Nelson, ASDA club adviser, Dr. Marisa Watanabe, and their team of dental student reporters and writers will receive two plaques (one for the College and one for the Editor-in-Chief), a monetary award for the College, and publication of “Recipient, Meskin Journalism Award for Excellence in Dental Student Publications. Presented by the American Association of Dental Editors & Journalists. October 2016” on their upcoming journals through December 2017.  The newsletter is an exceptionally well-designed compilation of articles and photos from current CDM students, showcasing their participation in various events and programs.  Of the publication and award, Dr. Watanabe expressed that “the students have burnt some late night candles putting together the best publication to represent our College, and I am a very proud parent”.  Dean Steven Friedrichsen gave his congratulatory remarks to the group saying that the College is so very proud of their outstanding achievement.  Want to check out the award-winning newsletter? Just click HERE.


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